U.S. beer manufacturer Molson Coors acquires Aspall for GBP 40 million

In a major tide of events witnessed across the beverage industry, the reputed U.S. beer firm Molson Coors has purchased Aspall, an established cider manufacturer based at Suffolk in the UK, for nearly GBP 40 million. The key officials of the former have stated that the main objective behind the acquisition was to expand the Aspall’s cider as well as the vinegar business in the region. Authentic sources have claimed that the UK is the largest cider market and it contributes nearly forty five percent towards the overall business revenue. According to the reports, the Chairman of Aspall has stated his firm belief that the acquisition will help the firm establish its brand not only in the UK but also across the globe.Analysts had estimated the cider market value to have increased during 2010-2015 span and expect the business to grow further over the years to come. Sources cite that over 50% of apples in the UK are used for producing cider, an alcoholic beverage manufactured from fermented apple juice. As per the National Association of Cider Makers based in the UK, the cider business across the country has generated nearly eleven thousand jobs. Experts predict that the acquisition of Asphal by Coors will create more jobs for the locals over the next few years.

It has been reported that Molson, that is also a big player across the beverages sector, had acquired Sharp’s Brewery, a small UK player, for £20 million in 2011. Business analysts have confirmed that the former contributes approximately 20% towards the UK beer market with the firm carrying out its operations in Ireland, Trent, Burtonwood, and Tadcaster.

Sources cite that Aspall will function as a part of Molson Coors UK & Ireland, a business unit of Molson Coors Central Europe, and will commence with its ongoing operations of pressing, fermenting, kegging, and bottling at Suffolk.