New ‘Firewatch’ Video Game Takes Place In the Wyoming Wilderness

The Dark and Mysterious “Firewatch” Arriving Soon for PlayStation 4

In an effort to capture the attention, fuel the imagination, and earn the dollars of video gamers in America, there is a, new, highly anticipated video game soon to be available for PlayStation 4. The name of the video game is “Firewatch”. It takes place in the rugged Wyoming wilderness where the player must face the hazardous conditions of the Wyoming wilderness, but, also, must answer the many scripted problematic decisions facing the lead character of this first person mystery video game.

 'Firewatch' Video Game

‘Firewatch’ Video Game

The game begins in a fire look-out tower in the Shoshone National Forest, where our video hero has only a walkie-talkie (with a very long range) to interact with the outside world as he tries to determine who is responsible for savaging the tower, he called home. The game was designed by Olly Moss, a commercial artist with a rather dark disturbing sense of life and art.

Indeed, the graphics of the video game are dark and moody, and sometimes the sense of chiaroscuro gets in the way of knowing what is really taking place. But with almost infinite possibilities for development, this game holds promise for the multitude of video game players in America and around the world.

Here’s a trailer:

Here’s 17 minutes of game footage

Source: Montreal Gazette
Anticipated video games for 2016 include first-person wilderness mystery ‘Firewatch’

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