Worldwide Efforts to Champion Alternative Energy Sources Slow Down

With the drastic climate change unfolding over the past years and adversely affecting the world, there is really a huge need for nations to start shifting to the use of alternative energy sources. This will be of great help for the environment and will benefit the future generations. Renewable energy sources are also good for human health.

Slowing Efforts for Combat against Climate Change

It seems that those at the forefront of utilizing wind and solar power in their countries are actually slowing down in their efforts now to fight climate change.

Take Germany, for instance. It seems they are changing their strategy from fully championing renewable energy to actually establishing coal-generated plants as reserves. 40% of their energy source still comes from these traditional coal-powered plants.

Meanwhile, Australia has been using wind power for one-fourth of the country’s supply of electricity. But then, when the winds weren’t blowing as much, they often just switch back to gas power again. The government had even resumed operations for a plant that had previously been shut down.

Saving Mother Nature and the Planet

Indeed the battle against climate change may be waning. Nevertheless, plenty of environmentalist groups and other individuals are still advocating renewable and alternative energy sources. Apart from wind and solar energy, countries may make use of geothermal, biomass, and hydroelectric sources too.

It’s important that governments and nations continue to work together to increase awareness and to make these alternative sources more accessible and affordable in a joint effort to save Mother Nature and the Planet Earth.

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