New Secretary Of Energy

New Secretary Of Energy

by Janet Andrew

According to the report by the New York Times, President elect Donald Trump is planning on naming Rick Perry as the secretary of energy. Rick Perry was also running in 2015 for the Republican Nomination for the President of the United States. Perry dropped out of the race and even though he had made some negative comments about Trump and his campaign, in 2016 he campaigned for president elect Trump.

The Secretary Of Energy, heads the United States Department of Energy. This position holds the fourteenth place in the line for the presidential succession and a member of the United States Cabinet. This position was created by President Jimmy Carter in 1977. The Department of Energy is responsible for managing our country’s nuclear weapons and over sees our country’s acts of counter terrorism.

Rick Perry has served as the Governor of Texas from 2000 to 2015. He has ran twice for the Republican Presidential nomination. His first attempt was for the 2012 campaign and his second one was for the 2016 election. Prior to his Governor’s position, he has held the title of the Texas Agriculture Commissioner. He has a bachelors degree in animal science. Perry is no stranger to the political world.

There are some questions and concerns about this decision, because of Rick Perry’s comments in his 2012 campaign. One of his cut back plans was to do away with the Department of Energy, so it should not be a surprise that this decision has raised some concerns in the political world. I feel these concerns are something that we need to get use to. Having President Elect Donald Trump, soon to be President Trump, at our helm, we the people knew that we needed change, and elected him as our leader.