Parrot’s launches drones to aid farmers & firefighters

In a major boost to the commercial drone business, Parrot SA has introduced two new drones, namely Bluegrass and Bebop-Pro Thermo, specifically designed for farmers and firefighters. The Bebop-Pro Thermo in fact, is an upgraded version of the Bebop drone and will be apparently available by November this year. Sources claim that this drone is fitted with a Flir One Pro thermal imaging camera, which find applications in the construction sector and rescue activities. Further on, reports cite that this new drone prototype possesses the ability to fly for nearly twenty-five minutes, while its retail package comprises of three batteries, a Skycontroller 2, and a backpack for USD 1400.The other drone innovation, Bluegrass, is reported to cover thirty hectares at a 70-meter flight altitude per battery. The drone is fixed with an HD camera and a particular kind of sensor created by the company, which is capable of detecting problem areas in all kinds of crop fields. Often called Parrot Sequoia, the multispectral sensor specifically built for harvests, can also record crop pictures in four distinguished spectral bands, say reports.

The Parrot Bluegrass drone is embedded with a software as well, required to establish an independent flying path over a land area. The key officials of the firm have stated that users would literally just have to set the field boundaries of the farm and choose the crops, while the drone would accomplish the rest. This new drone model will apparently be available at USD 5000, when it will hit the stores next month. Facility to access the software for a year is also offered to the customers.

Parrot’s launch depicts the firm’s strategy to focus on drone creation, which can find extensive applications across various sectors such as farming and construction sectors other than aerial photography, cite experts. In addition, it has been predicted that manufacturing novel drones indicates the company’s role in favorably influencing the growth of the commercial drone business.