Polymers industry to witness Waters-Malvern Panalytical collaboration

The Netherlands-based chemical solutions provider, Malvern Panalytical has recently announced that it is weighing a co-marketing agreement with one of the leading players in polymers & advanced materials industry, Waters Corporation. As has been reported the duo would be combining their expertise to make advancements in polymer analysis.Sources reveal that pairing Malvern Panalytical’s OMNISEC ® REVEAL with the Waters® ACQUITY® Advanced Polymer Chromatography® (APC™) System would enable the researchers to access higher resolution data and higher sensitivity. Furthermore, this paring of systems & technologies would provide scientists a better insight into the research samples without any further need for column calibration.

Speaking of the advantages of combining the APC System with the OMNISEC REVEAL, reports reveal that the collaboration of technologies is offering researchers the ability to calculate vital parameters such as the intrinsic viscosity, absolute molecular weight, and hydrodynamic radius in an efficient manner. These parameters help in understanding polymer behaviors and structures, in turn providing a quicker pathway in polymer innovation and product development. According to experts, this ease of access to more detailed information and 5X faster speed of analysis would apparently provide a significant push to the overall polymers and advanced materials industry.

Meanwhile, industry experts speculate the emergence of new complex polymers comprising a broad range of compositional & structural diversity to be a prime factor that would drive the prospective growth in polymer characterization. The global polymers & advanced materials industry players are thus investing in the research of innovative techniques that are in high demand for better characterization of complex samples.

The latest Malvern-Waters collaboration for developing advanced polymer characterization techniques is resulting in the innovation of new polymers, a phenomenon that industry experts cite would significantly accelerate research activities in the polymers and advanced materials industry over the ensuing years.