Power Grid Connection Project to link FN communities to electric grid

An agreement deal worth 1.6 billion has apparently been signed among Ontario First Nations, the Canada federal government, and the province. The strategic move is likely to curb the country’s reliance on diesel for generating electricity, claim sources.

As per authentic reports, the construction of the project will be completed by 2023, thereby helping the communities to shift to the provincial power grid. Premier Kathleen Wynne, has apparently stated that the Wataynikaneyap Power Grid Connection Venture is likely to be biggest indigenous infrastructure undertaking in the history of the province.

Wynne was further quoted to be stating that the Power Project will offer a clean, reliable, and cost-effective power to the residents of the province, effectively fulfilling their energy requirements. She further added that the project would also help in reducing housing costs and will ensure clean drinking water supply for the inhabitants. Wataynikaneyap Power will develop a connection to the electric grid, while the federal government of Canada will fund the project construction costs. According to CBC News, the construction phase of the project will generate nearly 769 jobs and approximately USD 900 million in terms of socioeconomic value.

For the record, the construction of the Power Grid Connection Project was announced in August 2017 with an initial valuation of USD 60 million. According to Bob Nault, the MP of Kenora, a 117 km grid line is likely to be constructed from the Red Lake in Ontario to Pikangikum First Nation. There are speculations that the venture will be completed by the end of 2018.

Canada’s government agencies are of the view that this major project will generate new growth opportunities across the region and improve health as well as socioeconomic results. Additionally, the project is also expected to contribute toward the generation of secured & healthy communities in Canada.