How to run Facebook properly


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Some suggestions on running Facebook

What can we do with Facebook now? First of all, this is the biggest platform for communication.Facebook’s use of contacts is not limited to friends and family; People are using Facebook not only to create pages but also website or business promotion. In addition, Facebook Live is also a big issue. But there are some uses of Facebook. Let’s get some tips on running Facebook:

Take a look at where you are logged in

Many people use Facebook on different devices throughout the day. Post photos from different devices. Forget about logging out when you log in. You can easily see the places from which you entered Facebook. It also lets you understand whether another person enters your account. To find a feature, go to the Settings >> Security Settings >> Where You’re logged in option. Here’s a list of login metadata, such as: when, where checked in, what type of device used. Often it may show strange places in the list. There is nothing to be confused with. It could be the location of the cellphone tower.

View hidden messages
A special feature of FB is Message Request. Filters are stored in this folder. It will go to the folder to see Messenger >> Settings >> Message Requests >> See Filtered Requests. Find hidden messages on Facebook in the folder.

Messaging files
Facebook messenger now has many advantages. You can do video chat or send a document file, pdf file, short video. Facebook is working with Dropbox to send files faster. Downloading the mobile dropbox and messenger app can take advantage of this. To get this facility you have to open the Messenger app. Select the file you want to send, and you can send files through Dropbox.

Legacy Contact
Facebook successor can be selected through Legacy Contact. This facility to keep the ID active after death. For that, go to the settings option from the account. (Settings >> Account Settings >> Security >> Legacy Contact) Then from there, go to the ‘Security’ option and select the ‘Legacy Contact’ option. Hence he will be able to look after the account.

Trusted Contactors
Sometimes there are some close friends or neighbors, who we believe. At the time of need, the keys of the house are kept by many, so that you can enter your house at the time of danger. You can also select such Trusted Friends or Trusted Contact on Facebook. To select trusted friends go to Settings >> Account Settings >> Security >> Your Trusted Contacts >> Choose Trusted Contacts. You can choose trusted friends like legacy contacts.

Seeing favorite ads
Facebook may bother showing you unwanted advertisements many times. Those who give privacy price, they can tell you about your favorite ad instead of showing ads to Facebook according to your habits. Go to Settings >> Accounts Settings >> Ads option. Get some questions there. Select Yes or No by choice.

Fix the relationship issues
It seems like most of the people forget this as hundreds of friends become friends. You can set what or what relationship with you on Facebook. Go to About >> Family and Relationships >> click the Edit option. You can add name and relationship date here. To add a relationship as a live event to the profile, you can choose the type of relationship between Life Events and Life Events.  Reference: PcMac.