Smartphone will not be charged? Now uninstall this 10 apps

Try to uninstall these apps, you can probably save your mobile charge


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You are charging your smartphone in the morning. But when you do not reach the college or office, your trusted smartphone is running out of charge. You are not able to understand, where the leftovers remained! It’s not your phone’s battery, some mobile applications. Security firm AVG has identified 10 apps for which the smartphones charge runs out fast. These 10 mobile apps take the vast area of your device as well as cost a lot of your mobile data.

  1. Candy Crush Saga: The top of the list of gaming apps is the cost of the phone’s battery, storage and data.
  2. Clash of Clans: Another name on the list of notorious apps is another gaming app. Curse for the popular Clash of Clans but Smartphone battery.
  3. Google Play Service: AVG reports that Google Play Service offers over-the-counter internal storage, data and battery usage.
  4. OLEX: This class of free classified ads is in fourth place on the list.
  5. Facebook: This is the most popular social networking app in the world but it is also perfect for completing your smartphones.
  6. WhatsApp: Even if you’re stopping in the background, the messaging app can end up the battery of the WhatsApp phone.
  7. Anti Virus App: Keep in mind that Android itself scans the Central Databases to keep them safe at specific intervals. So it is foolish to download a free anti-virus app on a separate phone. These apps themselves have the highest battery cost. The user is forced to show ads with a nonsense.
  8. Battery saver: When the battery runs out, Android automatically closes some unnecessary apps. So do not download some nonsense free battery saver from the Play Store. Those apps do not cost more than the phone’s battery, say AVG.
  9. Weather and clock widgets: There are several inbuilt weather and watch widgets on the phone. They also cost extra batteries.
  10. Solitaire: AVG has more than 10 popular gaming apps in this list. This game of cards on the phone plays but charges are quite expensive.

As we can barely see that we have to use facebook for daily basis I suggest you not to uninstall facebook. You can also uninstall thw rest of list. Cause others are not as important as Facebook. So feel free to run it on your smartphone.