Polymers & advanced materials major Solvay launches high-end filaments

One of the leading polymers & advanced materials industry titan Solvay has recently made it to the headlines for its startling launch of three specialty polymer filaments at the RAPID + TCT 2018 this week. Apparently, the company has introduced a wider portfolio of products used extensively in the additive manufacturing (AM) industry as it aims to take its AM business to the next level.

Sources reveal that leveraging its high-performance Radel PPSU and KetaSpire PEEK (polyetheretherketone) polymers, Solvay has been gearing up to deliver powders and polymer filaments designed especially for the high-end AM applications.

It has been reported that two of the filaments, which the polymer industry major launched in the event are based on PEEK polymers and are designed to deliver high part density, good fusion ability for printed layers, and exceptional part strength including in the z-axis. The third filament however, is based on Radel PPSU (polyphenylsulfone) that offers high transparency, superior toughness, good elongation, and excellent layer fusion for the 3D printed parts.

Christophe Schramm, business manager for AM at Solvay’s Specialty Polymers global business unit, was quoted saying that Solvay’s AM filaments mark an important bridge between the specialty polymers and additive manufacturing technology, which currently needs to deliver on high-end 3D printing potential. He further added that with the recent launch, the company is laying the groundwork to become the leading supplier of advanced AM-ready solutions for 3D printing technologies.

Apart from its portfolio for the polymer industry, Solvay is also actively developing a powder based on its NovaSpire PEKK polymer designed to enhance additive manufacturing applications in the healthcare and aerospace industry, cite reliable sources.

Alongside its product launch, Solvay has also introduced a new e-commerce platform that will provide straight access as well as transparent pricing for its high-end AM material solutions. Leveraging Solvay’s open ecosystem approach and growing industry network, the new platform will also function as a portal for prototyping services and simulation testing.