Syncsort strengthens IBM i-Security Suites via MFA solutions

Syncsort, the big data specialist, has scarcely launched new security & auditing capabilities for its IBM i user base inclusive of an MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) solution called Cilasoft RAMi (Reinforced Authentication Manager for IBM i). Additionally, the launch brought to the fore the latest releases of the Cilasoft & Enforcive security suits as well.

Based out of New York, Syncsort previously focused on developing mainframe data integration solutions & ETL (extract, transfer & load) technology for distributed Hadoop clusters and has now shifted its focus to develop & sell security software.

Syncsort announced that it is shipping new releases of two security products, the Cilasoft Compliance & Security Suite for IBM i and the Enforcive Enterprise Security suite. It also announced the inclusion of RAMi, the Cilasoft Reinforced Authentication Manager for IBM i.

For the record, the Enforcive security suite detects common IBM i administrative topics like use of powerful user profiles, library authorities, default passwords, exit programs & system values. The Calisoft tools possess expertise in tracking changes made to the OS & integrated Db2 for i database through its strong journal tracking software, QJRN/400 as well as applying data centric security rules using its CONTROLER product.

An official statement by Syncsort claims that the company is delivering new releases of the Cilasoft & Enforcive suites to strengthen data protection & to help customers comply to the new regulations. As a part of the job, Syncsort is liable to help IBM i shops to navigate & achieve compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came info effect from May 25.

Syncsort’s data sheet says the RAMi could be used with IBM i OS 5250 sign-in screen or can be invoked on demand. After entering user ID users are asked to enter either their password or a token, to get entry into the system.

Davin Hodgson, Chief Product Officer, Syncsort said that the newly developed capabilities of IBM i security products could certainly be used to avoid building new compliance models right from the start.