The color changes in Sooke Basin Linked To Algae Bloom

The Sooke Basin has been covered with a tropical color which is an unusual case. Most of the people who witnessed it were concerned that there is something wrong in the water that could causing an imbalance in the ecosystem. Therefore, many thought the water could be contaminated and not safe for use. However, the District of Sooke has addressed the issue stating that the color doesn’t define the quality, and most experts have agreed with the statement1. It is because the color is the result of a sudden algae boom.

Richard Dewey, who works with the Ocean Networks Canada, supported the claims stating that it was absolutely normal. He also added that for the algae to grow at that rate there must be a conducive combination of food, light and temperature 3.

Dewey supported his claims by explaining that the amount of sunlight and nutrients concentration in the water have increased 3. Firstly, the reduced winds across the ocean have contributed to the increase of nutrients in the water. Lack of strong winds on the surface of the ocean causes the water to be stratified hence increasing the amount of food and nutrients available. Secondly, different parts of the world have been experiencing increased rains.

These rains cause collusion and some nutrients on the soil surface are carried into the water 2. It is also that time of the year where the amount of sunlight has increased, therefore, enhancing the lighting and temperature. These conditions have caused a boost in the growth of the phytoplankton on the surface 2.

Dewey has concluded by stating that the situation is totally normal unless it lasts for more than a few weeks. Such situations are rare, therefore, making it hard to predict their occurrence.


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