Nissan pushes into renewable energy industry via packaged solution

In an attempt to consolidate its standing in the renewable energy industry, Nissan has apparently launched a packaged home solar, storage, and smart control solution for its customers in the United Kingdom. As per reliable sources, the offer, named as Nissan Energy Solar, provides the option for its customers to add one or all components of its energy generation, storage, and management package to reduce household electricity bills by up to 66 percent.

Reportedly, the fully integrated system has been priced starting at £3,881 based on a 6kWh storage system and 4kW PV system with supply and installation charges included. Moreover, Nissan has added an interesting twist to the offer with consumers being given the option of a second life battery from a Nissan EV or a new battery provided by power management firm, Eaton Energy Storage.

As per reliable sources, the Japanese automotive behemoth is recognized as a significant contributor toward the renewable energy market given the fact that its electric car, Nissan LEAF, has emerged as the world’s highest selling electric vehicle till date.

As the renewable energy industry witnesses an increased competitive rivalry among the automotive giants, the latest move by Nissan is being termed as a bite at the Tesla cherry where distributed renewables and battery storage systems power cars and houses.

Commenting on the firm’s state-of-the-art offering, Nissan Europe’s Chief of Electric Vehicles, Gareth Dunsmore was quoted stating that the Nissan Energy Solar is a comprehensive solution for home energy generation, management, and storage. He further stated that the new system maximizes the usage of recyclable materials and enables homeowners in UK to significantly cut down their household electricity bills.

Sources reveal that more than 880,000 residents across the nation already use solar panels and the unveiling of this fully integrated system by Nissan brings a new opportunity to expand this number at an exceptional pace over the forthcoming years.