Thoussands Of Fish Dying In Yamaska River From Swage

Thousands Of Fish Found Dead In The Yamaska River

Wildlife officials are trying to determine what killed thousands of fish in the Yamaska River. Several types of fish were found dead on Thursday, June 30, 2016. Many of the fish had been dead for several days. Wildlife officials have collected samples from the water. Although they have not yet determined the cause of death, they do have a few theories.

They believe that the water in the Yamaska River may be contaminated even though there was no oil spill reported. They also believe that the oxygen levels in the river may have decreased drastically. Christian Blanchette, who works for Urgence-Environment, has stated that they have tested sewers near the river. The results of the tests have been inconclusive.

Christian also believes that low water levels and high temperatures have contributed to the death of the fish. He stated that he was able to cross the river by foot without getting wet. Additionally, Christian believes that the buildup of organic matter in the water led to the death of the fish. Oxygen is needed to break down organic matter.

If there is too much organic matter, then there will not be enough oxygen for the fish. This will eventually cause the fish to die.


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