Train in Lake Superior is over 100 years old

106 years ago, the 694 CPR freight train derailed near Schreiber, in Northwestern Ontario. Its wreckage has been found in Lake Superior.

Using an underwater camera directed at a distance, the expert in underwater research of Minnesota Tom Crossmon managed to film the first images of the locomotive.

The train derailed June 9, 1910 due to a rock obstructing the railway, said Tom Crossmon. The train had a fall of 20 meters and ended up 60 meters bottom of Lake Superior.

Three men from Schreiber died in the accident. One body was never found.

According to him, the train seems too shabby to be out of the water. He says, for against, that objects could be withdrawn if the government gives permission.

A museum Schreiber said he might want to retrieve the bell and whistle of the locomotive, said Tom Crossmon, but excavations have not yet provided them.

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