Turn clocks back 2016: When Do Clocks Fall Back This Year?

When Is Daylight Savings Time 2016?

Most people in Canada and the United States will enjoy an extra hour of sleep this weekend because of daylight savings, and the shift back to normal time. Officially, it occurs on 0200 hours on Sunday; most people, however, would already have set their clocks back by an hour prior to going to bed on Saturday evening.

This year you turn your clocks back Saturday November 5th 2016.

Daylight savings is not observed in Hawaii, certain US territories and most parts of Arizona, so inhabitants in those areas are not required to reset their clocks. Daylight savings will return on March 8th, 2015 at 0200 hours, Sunday, the second Sunday of March.

People who have their body clocks tuned to wake up as the sun rises will benefit by Daylight savings, according to NY Head and Neck Institute for Sleep Disorders’ director. Certain neurons in the brain regulate the sleep and wake cycle. This cycle is approximately, but not exactly, 24 hours. However, the resetting signal for the clock is the sun’s rays in most people who wake up in the morning. Thus, when the sunlight shines through people’s eyes, the cycle is set at exactly 24 hours. This is the reason people can work energetically throughout the day without feeling drowsy or frustrated.

Thus, it is recommended to stay up at the normal time on Sunday. After that, experts recommend exercise and a healthy breakfast. Going to bed on usual time on Sunday night is also important to keep the body clock ticking perfectly. It will take some days to go back to normal but the body adjusts itself in no time at all. Some doctors might also recommend Melatonin in low doses for certain people. Melatonin supplements are also available.

In addition, Public Health Safety officials recommend that smoke alarm batteries should be changed during this time.

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