Ursack S29 All White Bear Resistant Bag Review


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[easyazon_link identifier=”B00X4WNLQG” locale=”US” nw=”y” nf=”y” tag=”thecampingcan-20″ cart=”y” cloak=”y” localize=”y” popups=”n”]URSACK S29 All White Bear Resistant Bag[/easyazon_link]

Made in USA

Weight: 210g

Lighter and less awkward to pack than barrel-type bear containers, the Ursack comes with an integrated cord for tethering to a tree or other anchor. Even where it can’t be anchored, field experience indicates bears don’t bother carrying away bags they can’t open. Your food may get ground up a bit, but it should still be edible.

Please note that no bear resistant container is perfect, so don’t use the Ursack where loss of food would put you at risk.

  • Made of claw and tooth-proof Spectra fabric. Resists chewing from most rodent, ursine, or canine species.
  • Integrated 2-meter cord.
  • Dimensions are approximately 20 x 33cm.
  • Capacity is about 10.5L.

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Weight 210g
Ideal For Wilderness camping
Material Spectra fabric
Volume 10.6L
Bear-resistant Yes
BPA-free Yes

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