VMware to acquire startup AtherPal for venturing into remote support

VMware has reportedly expressed plans to acquire AtherPal, a remote support provider, in a bid to strengthen its Workspace ONE platform. As per trusted sources, AtherPal’s primary service allows IT administrators remotely view, troubleshoot, fix, and control devices and applications being used in the field.

VMware, which is a subsidiary of Dell Technologies, stated that is has been working with AtherPal since 2017 by reselling its support platform named as Workspace ONE Advanced Remote Management service. Hereafter, the company intends to further integrate the service into its digital workspace platform and expand the service to more use cases and operating systems, VMware added.

Shekar Ayyar, EVP of Strategy and Corporate Development at VMware, said that the company would constantly invest in internal innovation efforts pertaining to the development of Workspace ONE’s unified endpoint management abilities while also seeking growth opportunities through the acquisition of technologies and talent wherever necessary. He further mentioned that this strategy has and will help VMware in offering industry’s best digital workspace platform.

According to a news report by the CRN, AtherPal’s technology will empower VMware admins to view device screens in real-time, transfer files to remote devices, and gain visibility into device OS as well as hardware information. The Startup’s employees will also become a part of VMware’s End User Computing Team, states the CRN.

As per David Klee, Founder and Chief Architect of Heraflux Technologies, which is a partner of VMware, AtherPal’s provides one of the best support solutions in the market for remotely backing multiple device platforms. He added that it further highlights the firm’s growing commitment toward both IoT and mobile spaces. Moreover, the deal is intriguing, particularly in the terms of other minor announcements here and there such as the ability to operate VMware’s ESXi hypervisor on Raspberry Pi, said Klee.

Financial details pertaining to the acquisition have not been disclosed yet, cited sources.