Boeing and SparkCognition collaborate to launch AI-based SkyGrid

Boeing, the leading aerial operating system and SparkCognition, one of the forerunners in the field of artificial intelligence technologies, have recently joined forces to introduce a drone airspace management software platform called SkyGrid.

According to sources familiar with the development, the new Texas-based company, SkyGrid, will develop a software platform to enable secure and safe amalgamation of automatic cargos & passenger air vehicles in the global airspace.

Leveraging AI-enabled dynamic traffic routing, blockchain technology, cybersecurity and data analytics features, SkyGrid’s platform is expected to go beyond unmanned traffic management (UTM) and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). It has been further reported that the new company will enable its customers to perform a wide array of missions using unmanned aircraft systems or drones to perform package delivery, emergency assistances, industrial inspections.

Amir Husain, the founder and CEO of SparkCognition, will be apparently operating as the CEO of SkyGrid, revealed reports. He was quoted saying that the new platform is proficient in artificial intelligence, aviation, security, and blockchain which in turn will enable it to deliver revolutionary technological advancements in the dynamic urban aerial mobility industry. He further added that, SkyGrid with its scalable and robust capabilities will further help in making large-scale air vehicle applications more feasible and accessible.

For the record, HorizonX, the business arm of Boeing, had invested in SparkCognition last year in June to help the company foster innovative technological facilities based on mechanical learning and artificial intelligence.

According to a statement given by Steve Nordlund, General Manager and Vice President of Boeing NeXt, the latest collaboration of the two organizations is a perfect match in the industry.

For those uninitiated, SparkCognition develops AI systems to help clients scrutinize complex data and encourages decision-making to transform human and industrial efficiency, while, Boeing is the world’s biggest aerospace company that manufactures commercial jetliners and defense security systems