Intel and AMD join hands to produce a new laptop chip

Intel Incorporation and AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) have apparently formed a collaboration to manufacture a laptop chip that makes use of both AMD graphics unit as well as intel processor. It has been claimed that the new chip, designed for thin as well as portable laptops, is the first of its kind that makes use of smart embedded multi-die interconnect bridge design and helps in quick delivery of information in “extremely close proximity”. The device with high bandwidth memory is also expected to find applications in notebooks, two-in-ones, and mini desktops. According to expert opinions, the new product would fulfill the intense gaming requirements of serious gamers.

Experts vouch that the strategic alliance between the two giant tech firms will mark a new era in the field of chip technology. Authentic sources state that the new chip will be an evolution in Intel’s eighth generation, H-series core chip technology, with the ability to improve the battery life. The laptops with newly embedded chips, which are forecast to be launched at the end of the year, will not be competing with AMD’s Ryzen chips. In fact, unlike the newly designed chip, the latter is not designed particularly for the serious gaming purpose, cite sources.

The main objective of the tech organizations behind the formation of the strategic partnership is to apparently compete against NVIDIA, a U.S. based tech firm proficient in designing graphic processing units for gaming. Earlier in September 2017, Intel had designed neuromorphic chips based on the human brain model to produce a better hardware for its application across Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Industry experts have projected that NVIDIA will also follow the suit by producing hardware for wide AI applications.

Over the past few years, the electronics devices industry has been witnessing a fundamental shift in chip technology supporting myriad platforms such as artificial intelligence, big analytics, and IoT. The strategic deal between Intel and AMD, claim analysts, will further lead to the growth of this business sphere.