West Virginia Floods Environmental Impact

When Water Turns Into A Merciless Killer

Floods in the West Virginia have claimed the lives of 14 people. The number of people who have died so far are twenty-six. The torrential rains have destroyed property worth millions. Residents could be seen on top of rooftops trying to salvage memorabilia. A lady could be seen on top of her roof drying off her family photos.The pictures are heartbreaking.

Among the dead were an eight-year-old.According to meteorologists, it rained so much; the water level rose up eight inches. They went forward to mention how rare such an event was.It is unbelievable just to imagine this is the third deadliest flood in the area. The Buffalo Creek tragedy claimed the lives of 100 people.

Natural disaster in the area has been recurring. Hurricane Juan and an unexpected storm claimed the lives of many more in the state. The governor is concerned by these events. When such occurrences happen, confusion reigns. It was evident even to reporters the entire state was distraught.

The governor promised residents the dead and missing would be found. To show the gravity of the situation, he has declared a state of emergency. Heavy rains kill people in a number of ways. As the waters rise, power lines are cut off. With no electricity, it is only a matter of time till food becomes an issue.

Floods will take life by drowning. Many residents drown as they try to flee. The majority ignores calls to relocate, believing the rains will subside. Then there are those who die out of flood-related accidents. For example, trying to drive a car through a flooded area. Additionally, a flooded town destroys wealth. No form of business activity can take place.

The majority of the roads were closed. There were those which were cracked into pieces. The fortunate ones were trapped in a resort. During such occurrences, many recount horror stories of how they were saved. One talked about how the rescuers used a rope to hoist them out of the waters.

After such events, there will be those who move out.However, there will be those who stay behind and rebuild.

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