Windsor-Born Director Captures World Attention with Her New Moose Calves Documentary

Windsor-born film director, Susan Fleming, steals the world’s attention with her all-new documentary, “Moose: A Year in the Life of a Twig Eater.” This 45 minute documentary has been airing nationally since October 15th. It captures the first year in the life of a young moose and how its mother goes out of her way to ensure its survival in this harsh and dangerous world.

Commenting before its debut appearance on national television, Fleming talks about the sacrifices it took to make the project a success. She starts by highlighting how hard it was for her and her team to find a nursing moose. She says it took them weeks before finally tracking one in the wilds of Jasper National Park, Canada. Asked about how long the project has been going on, she responds by saying that it took them over one-and-a-half years to complete the documentary.

Fleming also goes on to say that of the over two years, they spent more than 13 months in the wilds of the Canadian park. During this time, they recorded more than 500 hours of the delicate life of the moose. This is the number of hours that she has edited to come up with the magnificent documentary. Her previous nature documentaries include the “CoyWolves – the Coyote Wolves Hybrids” documentary done in 2009.

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