Yellowstone visitor fined for taking thermal water

Chinese Tourist Fined For Collecting Thermal Water
A Chinese tourist was recently charged and fined 1,000 for entering a restricted area in scenic Yellowstone National Park and picking up jugs of restricted natural spring water. Their intention was to use the water for medical purposes according to interviews with the man by park officials.

While it was the first incident this week it is the latest in a number of events where tourists have flouted rules at the park. While the actions of the tourists are different they all involve a flagrant disregard for park rules. Many tourists have gotten close to and even touched off limits park wildlife. Others have ignored warnings and signs and gotten into the park hot springs- resulting in a least one death recently.

Witnesses have been quick to get involved. In a recent incident a group of tourists kidnapped a stray baby buffalo they assumed was in danger from hypothermia. Unfortunately since buffalo will not take care of an animal that has touched by humans the animal was later euthanized.

Astute park goers also reported the Chinese tourist who broke into the restricted area in order to steal water from the park. This rash of incidents has led to a number of security measures being boosted and improved at the park.

“Park employees call on all visitors to protect their park and protect themselves,”  the park said in a statement. “Regulations to stay on designated trails and boardwalks in thermal areas are for visitor safety and the safety of the exceptional park natural resources. Without visitor cooperation, park natural wonders will continue to be damaged and more individuals may be injured or killed. It is a violation of federal regulations to collect any park resources.”
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