100 Camping Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

1. Use tic-tac containers to store your spices and seasoning.

tic tac boxes

2.  You can even use your old tic-tac container to make a tiny tackle box.

tic tac tackle

3.  Cut up a straw and fill the pieces up with antibiotic ointment toothpaste, muscle rub or any other cream for single-use packets.

straw hack

4.   Use sage leaves to keep the misquotes away.



pincel tender fire


6.  The Tick Key is another cool option for tick removal.

tic key

7. Make a whistle with an acorn cap in an emergency.

8.  Or you can make a whistle out of a willow stick.  Here’s how.

willow wistle

9.  Corn chips for kindling!  Not only are your favorite corn chips tasty, but because of their ingredients (fat) they burn super awesome!

chips burn yo

10.  Duct tape is an essential in any kit.  Instead of bringing a roll of it, try wrapping your watter bottle with duct tape.


11.  If everyone likes s’mores, then they’ll love s’moreos!



12.  Dip your marshmallows in Bailey’s.  Yep, you can do that!

marshmallows in Bailey’s.

13.  Better yet, make marshmellow Bailey shooters!

marshmallows in Bailey’s shooters

14.  News flash, you can roast Starbursts!


15.  You can make stovetop popcorn over a campfire  I KNOW RIGHT!

popcorn fire

16.  Cook cinnabuns (the canned kind)  in an orange peel.

cinnabuns orange

17.  Blue cheese filled bacon-wrapped mushrooms.  Here’s the recipe

blue cheese mushrooms

18.  Use your deodorant to ease the itching from a bug bite.

Deodorant bug bite

19.  According to people, Johnson’s Baby Creamy Oil doubles as an effective mosquito repellent.


20.  Wrap your meat in vinegar soaked J cloth or cheese cloth to persevere it longer while in the backcountry.


21.  Got wet boots? Stuffing them firm with newspaper or paper towels and leaving them overnight can absorb all of that trapped moisture in those hard to reach places.

wet boots

22.  You can also put your feet in plastic bags before putting on your wet boots.



23.  Bring bungee cords instead of rope.

bungee cords

24.  Know your Knots.  It’s not not hard if you practice.


25. Make this cool lantern on your next trip.

camping lantern

26.  Turn up the volume on your next trip by putting your phone in a ceramic mug.

camping speaker

27.  You can even use a toilet paper roll as a speaker.

tp roll speaker

28.  Make sure your dog has a life vest  with a handle.  It’s not only safe for the dog, but it makes pulling your pup back into the boat much easier

dog life jacket

29.  Keep your toilet paper dry.  Keep your tp stored in a plastic bag to keep it dry.

tp dry ziploc

30.  Keep your toilet paper dry using CD storage containers.

tp cd container

31.  Leave the Toilet paper bag on the trail to the kybo.  If the TP isn’t there, it means someone is doing their business.  This way, you don’t have announce to everyone in your group you need to go potty!


32.  At basecamp you can make a portable washing machine if you have a bucket and a plunger.  Here’s how.

portable washing machine

33.Use your waterproof stuff sac as water storage.

compression sac water


34.    Use Your waterproof stuff sac as a laundry tub.  Put your dirty clothes in the bag, add water and a bit of camp suds.  Shake it for 5 minutes, rinse and repeat!

stuff sac laundry

35.  Use your stuff sac as a pillow.

stuff sac pillow

36.  Heck you can use a ziploc bag as a pillow.

Source: static.brit.co.s3.amazonaws.com

Source: static.brit.co.s3.amazonaws.com

37.  Bring a lantern with a bees wax candle in the tent.   It Provides light, heat and it smells great


38.  You can even use a crayon as a lantern too.  One crayon can burn for 30 minutes!

Source: media.trusper.net

Source: media.trusper.net

39.  Keep EVERYTHING dry by lining your backpack with a garbage bag.

garbage bag backpack

40.  Buy a paracord watch band.  Stylish and practical WIN

paracord watch band

42.  Do your hiking boots give you blisters on the trail?  Put some petroleum jelly on your feet to offer a layer of protection.

take care of your feet

43.  Or better yet, try toe socks!

toe socks

44.  Keep your phone dry in a plastic bag.

phone in a bag

45. Turn that pop (soda) can into a stove.

46.  Use this hack to figure out how much daylight is left

daylight chart

47.  Turn an old Altoids tin into a survival kit.

altoids tin kit

48.  Turn your Altoids tin into a candle lantern.

49.  Turn your Altoids tin can into a stove.

50.  Check out this graphic on how to properly pack your backpack.

Source: 45khhn3pxxw3mxlu8188jt3me.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com

Source: 45khhn3pxxw3mxlu8188jt3me.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com

51. You can use bees wax to waterproof tons of stuff in your kit.

Source: static.brit.co.s3.amazonaws.com

Source: static.brit.co.s3.amazonaws.com

52.  Turn that water bottle into a spoon!

Source: www.pinterest.com

Source: www.pinterest.com

53.  At home dehyrate your leftover so you have easy home cooked meals on the trail

sausage penne

sausage penne


54.  Pack your eggs in a water bottle.

eggs bottle

55.  Make toothpaste dots

tooth paste dots

56.  Turn your coffee can into a toilet paper holder.

Toilet Paper Holder

Toilet Paper Holder


57.  Use duct tape to fashion a sling.


Toilet Paper Holder

Toilet Paper Holder

58.  Make an Egg Carton Fire Starter kit.  Put charcoal into an egg carton for a simple fire starter



59.  These firestarters will help you every time.


60.  Make a clothespin using a stick.



61.  make this sweet pot cozzie to keep your food warm.

62.  When cooking over an open fire, wrap your meat in cabbage leaves to keep it from burning.

meat cabage fire.

63. Impress all your trail mates with this campsite Sangria hack.

Campsite Sangria

Campsite Sangria Fill a mason jar with grapes, sliced peaches, and sliced strawberries, and then fill it a fourth of the way up with vodka, and the rest of the way with wine. Chill the jar in the fridge overnight, and then bring it with you along with more wine, a bottle of Fresca, and a pitche

64.  Oatmeal grits can keep ants away.

oatmeal grits ants

65.  Make campfire cones.  Kids of all ages will love these tasty camp treats.



66.  Make these clever coffee bags instead of bringing instant coffee.

Simply put a scoop of grounds in each coffee filter, then tie them up with the floss. Add this baggie to boiling water just like you would a teabag.

Simply put a scoop of grounds in each coffee filter, then tie them up with the floss. Add this baggie to boiling water just like you would a teabag.33.  Clean your pots and pans with dirt

67.  Buy 3-In-1 coffee packets.  No need to pack coffee, milk or sugar separately.

coffee 3 in 1


68.  Bake a loaf of bread in a tin can.  Say What???  Here’s the recipe.



69.  Use this graphic to learn animal tracks.

animal tracks

70.  Here’s a cool way to make sure you can light those matches.  Glue some sandpaper to the back of your match container.

match sand paper


71.  Hang your gear from a tree using your own belt.

belt hanging tree

72.  Baby wipes to keep your bottom clean.  When you’re not able to bath or shower, baby wipes can help keep you feeling clean.

Baby wipes

73.  Small bottles of hand sanitizer are excellent to have for cleaning your hands after relieving yourself, or before you eat.

hand sanitizer

74.  Make leather. Fruit leathers are made by dehyrated pureéd fruit.  Makes a tastey snack while camping

fruit leather



75..  Bring the baking Soda!  Baking soda can be multiple uses including, brushing teeth, soothing a sour tummy, minor burn poultice, deodorizing, moisture absorption, leavening, and as a mild abrasive.

baking soda hack

76. don’t forget your carabiner!  carabiner’s are a great multi use tool to have while camping. Attach stuff to your pack, hang stuff, use it as a clip for a dog leash…




77. Use your old shower curtain as a ground tarp.

shower curtain

78.  On those cold nights, fill your nalgene bottle with warm water and keep it in your sleeping bag.


79.  You can also keep water from freezing buy keeping it in your sleeping bag at night.

water bottle sleepig bag

80.   There’s an app for that!  Your phone is probably the best multi tool you will ever own.  Don’t go campign without it.

camping app

81.  Bring a small microfibre towel

camp towel

82. Paint the inside of a see through container with non-toxic glow-in-the-dark paint for an easy DIY lantern.

glow lantern

83.  There are many ways to set up a tarp.

tarp setup

84.  Pitch your tent entrance facing the wind to detour mosquitoes from congregating.


85.  Use biodegradable tape to mark the trail.


86.  Know which spiders are best to avoid.

spiders chart

spider bites

87.. Know how to properly layer your clothing.  Mec has a good intro guide.


88.  Don’t forget your tampoons!.  Tampons can be an essential part of a first aid kit. You can use them as bandages, crude water filters, and fire starters.


89.  Know how to build a fire.

how to build a fire

90.  Save those little silica gel packs you find in beef-jerky, electronics and other places to keep inside your cook-set and stove storage. This will prevent moisture build-up which can cause rusting and mold growth inside your cook-ware/gear.


91.  You can waterproof normal matches by dipping them in nail polish or melted paraffin.

matches nail polish

92.  When storing food overnight while camping, whether hanging it in a tree or in a bear-canister, stick a fabric softener sheet in with it. Their over-powering smell seems to act as a animal deterrent and mask the actual scent of the food, preventing them from even attempting to mess with your stuff.


93. Don’t forget your trekking poles.  Not only are trekking poles useful for navigating the trail, they can also be use to help set up your tarp shelter.

trekking poles tarp

94.  Blacken your pot.  Blackened cooking pots heat faster. You’re welcome.

black pot

95.  Bandana.  A hat, a dishcloth, a washcloth all in one.


96.  Check out a menstrual sponge Yeah, Ladies can us a menstrual sponge to collect their monthly flow.   You wash it and reuse it instead of dealing with sanitary napkins and tampons.

a menstrual sponge


97.  Or try the diva cup.

diva cup

98.  Campfire eclares are a thing.  You gotta try these. Here’s the recipe


campfire eclares

99.  Are you packing olive oil?  At 240 calories per ounce, olive oil is one of the highest calorie foods per ounce you can bring on the trail

olive oil

100.  13. Bring binder clips so you can hang wet clothes off of your backpack.

binder clips



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