Clariant launches new business, forays in 3D printing materials market

Clariant AG, one of the internationally acclaimed specialty chemicals market giant has recently made to the headlines with the launch of its exclusively dedicated 3D printing materials business. Reportedly, through this expansion, Clariant is planning to address the growing demand for tailor-made 3D printer filaments for a variety of applications, especially amidst the backdrop of the rapidly changing additives manufacturing business sphere. Thriving on the foundation of its long-term experience in polymer and advanced materials industry, the Swiss giant, allegedly, would offer high grade customized 3D printer filaments, claim sources.

For the uninitiated, as per reliable reports, additives manufacturing market has been gaining a remarkable momentum in recent times, with a striking y-o-y growth of 28% over 2010-2017. Reports further reveal that this particular business sphere has transited from a niche domain to a mainstream industry over the years. This year, additive manufacturing industry is reported to have collected a massive valuation of USD 6.063 billion. In the context of this significant proliferation, Clariant’ s decision of penetrating the 3D printing technology seems to be quite strategic, as per experts’ opinion, given the fact that high grade customized 3D printing materials could enhance the shell life AM based engineered products.

Allegedly, under the canopy of Clariant’s 3D printing business, the Muttenz-based company is planning to offer both high-grade ready-to-print 3D filaments as well as enhanced quality 3D printing materials. The standard quality materials would be available in flexible sizes as per customer needs. Banking on the strength of its advanced material portfolio, extensive application platter, and production expertise, Clariant, in all likeliness, would position itself as one of the strong contenders in global 3D printing materials industry, believe experts.

The fact that Clariant AG is already an established name in polymer and advanced materials market with a strong portfolio in plastics & coatings domain, would apparently help the company leverage the strength of its existing production infrastructure and expertise to gear up its newly launched 3D printing business.