Automotive electronics firm Arbe raises $9mn for AV radar systems

Arbe Robotics, one of the leading providers of autonomous car radar systems in the automotive and transportation industry, has recently raised USD 9 million in a fundraising round. As per reports, Eyal Ofer’s O.G. Tech Ventures and OurCrowd led the financing round along with previous investors iAngels, Canaan Partners, and Taya Ventures.

Sources reveal that Arbe Robotics, the Tel Aviv based firm, will utilize the funds to bring its high-resolution radar systems into full production and further empower its radar technology so that it can be installed in self-driving cars with enhanced capabilities in the ensuing years.

For the record, Arbe Robotics was founded in late 2015, and was initially working on complete collision avoidance systems for drones, accruing a sizeable share in automotive electronics market. Later, as the company excelled in creating imaging radar systems, it transitioned its technology as the base for autonomous cars.

Reportedly, instead of cameras and sensors, the automotive electronics market giant has made use of a full stack 4D imaging system that is based on radar technology to provide long range and high-resolution radar solutions for the automotive & transportation industry.

According to reports, analysts project Arbe Robotics’ ultra-high-resolution radar system to be one of the most important parameters for autonomous drive as it will enable the self-driving cars to travel at a much faster speed. Furthermore, the capability of radars to identify obstacles in any weather places the company’s radar systems in a win-win situation over complicated image processing and power consuming sensors, cite experts.

Several autonomous car manufacturers are expecting this technology completely remove false alarms that would confuse the earlier sensor systems, leading to several malfunctions and accidents. As per experts, this technology is likely to brew a storm in automotive electronics market.

It would not be incorrect to say that the key to Arbe’s successful fundraising round was its expertise in touting its two advanced technologies: ultra-high resolution radar system and simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM). However, it remains to see how the company will scale these technologies into mass production.