“Bios Incube” Turns Cremated Remains Into A Tree

A team of designers, engineers and operation experts, known by its biodegradable urns, has now created a first portable incubator designed for the afterlife. The Bios Incube allows you to turn the ashes of your departed beloved ones into a tree.

The intent of this environment-friendly incubator is to offer people a sustainable alternative for remembering deceased persons or pets in a natural and contemporary way. “The topic of death and the process of grief is often sterilized and avoided in conversation, for fear of being too taboo to discuss. We want to change that. We believe the end of human life is a remarkable event that has the ability to teach us if we only let it. The Bios Incube wants to give us an opportunity to take part in this unique life-bearing experience”, the company based Barcelona said in their Kickstarter campaign.

When you buy this product you’ll get Bios urn and an incubator. The package even includes a mobile application, which is synced with this smart incubator. Once you placed the ashes in the biodegradable urn, you place the urn in the incubator filled with soil. You plant the seed into the urn. When planted, the tree seed absorbs the nutrients from the ashes. The incubator can be used with any seeds, it’s up to you to choose.


bios incube

This eco-friendly incubator has a mobile application which allows you to monitor the conditions inside the Bios Incube. Source: Bios Incube

The incubator is equipped with temperature, soil moisture, fertilizer level, and sunlight sensors, which guarantee that the sprout will grow into a strong tree. The incubator has a water reservoir and the sprinkler, and the plant will be watered automatically when the incubator calculates the soil is dry. The container’s technology and monitoring system will not allow your tree to die.

Using a mobile application, you can track and monitor the growth of the plant and receive updates on the conditions inside the incubator. The data from sensor will be sent to your mobile phone, so you can track the tree’s growtho no matter where you are.

The Bios Incube holds about 3 gallons of water and it has an attractive, contemporary and minimal design that is adaptable to any environment or space it is placed in. It is versatile and it can fit into any place.

Once the young tree is large enough to plant outdoors, the Bios Urn can be removed from the Incube and transplanted in your yard or garden. It can be re-used to grow another plant or tree.

This is smart, sustainable, and ecologically friendly way to approach the death of our beloved ones, designers claim. Over 56 million deaths take place every year, and cemeteries are finding it difficult to keep up with the increase in demand, it is mentioned on the Bios Incube website. The designers’ dream is the replacement of cemeteries with forests. In this way, the end of your deceased loved one is a new beginning and a new life.

Bios Incube with the biodegradable urn cost about 350 €.

bios incube

The Bios Incube and the Bios Urn. Source: Bios Incube