BlackBerry unveils new endpoint behavioral biometric security solution

  • The security solution is based on the AI technology the company recently acquired with Cylance.
  • The solution augments Cylance native AI’s threat prevention, detection and response capabilities.

BlackBerry Limited (BlackBerry), a renowned Canada-based enterprise software & IoT company, has reportedly announced the launch of a new proactive endpoint behavioral biometric security solution named CylancePERSONA.

Apparently, the security solution is primarily based upon the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology the company had acquired in a recent transaction to acquire Silicon Valley based software firm, Cylance Inc., now a subsidiary of Blackberry Ltd.

According to a press release by Blackberry Limited, CylancePERSONA incorporates user monitoring capabilities to the company’s extensive defense of the enterprise. The product also augments Cylance native AI platform’s AI-powered threat prevention, detection and response capabilities. The solution effectively merges user conduct monitoring and continuous biometric behavior to identify, in real-time, a suspicious user to prevent any compromises.

The Chief Product Officer at BlackBerry Cylance, Eric Cornelius stated rogue insiders and external threats frequently launch cyberattacks by exploiting authorized user credentials, creating a clear need for enterprises to ensure that all the users currently logged in to the network could be trusted without a doubt.

Cornelius added that CylancePERSONA acknowledges this challenge. With the amalgamation of user-centric biometrics, flexible initial authentication, automated active responses and AI behavioral monitoring, CylancePERSONA delivers an efficient, scalable and effective solution that could continuously ensure trust in the users.

Supposedly, several conventional user-monitoring solutions only rely upon the network traffic or facilitate just threat detection capabilities with no provisions to prepare an effective response. CylancePERSONA is capable of detecting anomalous and malicious interactions to calculate a user’s Cylance Trust Score and enforce suspension or step-up authentication if the user’s score falls short of the pre-determined threshold.

According to reports, the company would be demonstrating CylancePERSONA as well as its other AI-powered security tools at the RSA Conference in San Francisco. Among other firms, Veridium had also recently introduced its behavioral biometric capability solution for its enterprise mobile biometric platform.