Bombardier Inc. plans to launch two long-range business aircrafts

Bombardier Inc., a Canada-based airliner & transportation firm, has declared its plans of launching two innovative long-range & large-cabin business aircrafts with an aim to generate a considerably higher revenue. As per reliable sources, the new Global 5500 & 6500 airplanes of Bombardier are likely to provide 13% enhanced fuel efficiency as compared to the Global 6000 & 5000 jets.

Reportedly, the aircraft is expected to have new wings, Rolls Royce engines, and interiors among the other developments. For the record, the Global 5500 priced at USD 46 million can cover a distance of 5,700 nautical miles and can fly from Sao Paolo to Paris. The Global 6500, priced at USD 56 million can travel up to nearly 6,600 nautical miles and can fly from Hong Kong to London.

Analysts are of the view that the sales volume of business aircrafts will increase during the span of 2019 to 2027. Bombardier Inc. expects the revenues from its yet-to-be-launched 6000 and 5500 aircrafts to be a part of its five-year turnaround strategy. The firm also forecasts its Global 7000 business airplane to hit a revenue of nearly USD 20 billion by 2020, an increase of nearly 25% in the total company revenue. With the induction of new business jets, the Canadian-based airliner projects its revenue to reach nearly USD 8.5 billion by 2020 – an appreciable upsurge from USD 5 billion in 2017, claim analysts.

One of the key officials of Bombardier Inc. has proclaimed that the new aircrafts are likely to receive the green signal from the authorities next year before their delivery. It has been speculated that the main objective of the firm behind the introduction of new airplanes is to cover the costs that it had incurred in the production of both C series commercial jet & Global 7000 jet a few years back.