BPL ties up with Amazon to expand its reach in smart speaker market

The eminent Indian electronics company, British Physical Laboratories, commercially called BPL Ltd., has scarcely announced its plans to integrate with Amazon in a bid to launch its first Alexa-powered smart speaker by January 2018.  Having taken the electronics industry by storm post this announcement, BPL aims to be the first Indian brand in smart speaker market to bring forth the Alexa experience to the Indian masses.

Integrating with Amazon’s voice-based cloud assistant, the Voice One, will enable BPL speakers to set alarms, play music, check weather, control smart home devices, and check sport scores among other functionalities, cite sources. Branding the smart speaker as BPL Voice One, the company aspires to enhance the consumer experience with speakers in the overall business sphere of electronics & media. Reportedly, the company has not announced any pricing details, however it has mentioned that the BPL Voice one would be exclusively made available on Amazon.in.

Reports state that the BPL Voice One is designed to be controlled entirely be the user’s voice, and will have access to number of skills that Amazon has prioritize for the Indian smart speaker market. It has also been revealed that BPL’s speaker is still a prototype, and will be launched only post the completion of specific tests.

Meanwhile, speaking of the company’s foray in disrupting smart speaker industry, BPL not only plans to massively exploit Amazon’s technology for its smart speakers, but also for its consumer electronics segment. With this engaging partnership, the consumer electronics maker desires to integrate Amazon’s technology into LED TVs, air conditioners, and microwaves among others.

Amazon may forge partnerships with other firms of the electronics and media domain as well, with regards to integrating Alexa into these devices, cite experts. Interestingly, BPL’s announcement has come after the company terminated its partnership with Flipkart to tie up with Amazon.

For the record, Amazon has already launched its Echo Dot, Echo, and Echo Plus for attractive prices in the Indian smart speaker market.