Camping Preparations: Life-Saving Camping Dos

Camping out in the wilderness always opens you to new adventures. However, once disasters strike, your safety can become severely compromised. Although you can’t do anything to stop calamities, you can always make early camping preparations. If you don’t know where to start, below are some essential camping tips:



Know Your Camping Site by Heart

Researching about your camping site ahead of time can help you survive in even the most life-threatening situations. Before packing your bags, get a map and learn about the site’s high points, low points and landmarks. Identify the points that are most vulnerable to landslides and other natural disasters, and make sure your camping tent is far from those areas.

In addition, you should make a list of emergency numbers you can contact within the area. Before setting up a tent, identify nearby roads you can take in case you need to escape from the forest. Plan ahead and outline an escape route so you can safeguard you and your family in an event of a a disaster.

Ask Locals about Potential Hazards

Always ask locals about potential hazards especially if you are about to explore an unknown area. Before you set foot on your hiking trails, check in with the ranger station and ask about possible avalanches, landslides and forest fire. Also, ask information on local stations that can keep you updated on calamity and weather reports.

Research on Survival Guides

Anything can happen when you are out camping on an unknown trail. With wild animals and extreme weather conditions just lurking around the corner, your chances of surviving can significantly lessen, especially if you don’t know basic survival tips. Before preparing your camping paraphernalia, prepare yourself mentally and physically. Remember, you are always better prepared than sorry.

Camping preparations always start with extensive research and cautiousness. By preparing ahead of time, you can avoid making poor camping decisions that can put your life at risk.



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