Yamaha, Suzuki, & Mazda blamed for fabricating emissions testing data

The Japanese transport ministry has reportedly announced that Yamaha Motor, Suzuki Motor, and Mazda Motor have conducted improper emission & fuel efficiency tests on their vehicles. Sources cite that the announcement marks the latest chapter in the series of data falsifications that have marred the reputation of the Japanese manufacturing industry which is known for its efficiency & quality of production.

The findings are the outcome of internal investigations conducted at the companies after similar discoveries were made by the ministry at Nissan Motor Co. & Subaru Corp.

According a report published by CNBC, Suzuki and Mazda affirmed to have submitted reports to the ministry regarding improper fuel-efficiency tests. Yamaha has reportedly admitted to having conducted improper tests as well. The ministry reviewed all the tests carried out at different time periods at the facilities of all three auto manufacturers and in Suzuki’s case the assessment period stretched as far back as 2012.

Suzuki stated that around half of the 12,819 vehicles, which were subjected to emissions & fuel economy test, went through insufficient inspections. Suzuki’s Chief Executive, Toshihiro Suzuki, issued an apology and intends to lead the efforts that prevent a repeat. The company has not issued any recalls as it found no issues with actual vehicle fuel efficiency and emissions.

Mazda stated that out of the 1875 cars that were chosen for sampling inspections since November 2014, around 4% were subjected to improper inspections while Yamaha stated that out of the 335 units chosen for inspection about 2% were improperly tested.

The three companies will reportedly be installing preventive measures like changing devices of inspections to prevent their staff from rewriting data. The ministry issued strict instructions to save data and inspection records and put in place measures that prevent and detect data fabrication attempts.

Transport minister, Keiichi Ishii, was reportedly quoted stating that it’s an extremely regrettable turn of events & warned the companies to install proper preventive measures.