Facebook’s WhatsApp curbs forwards to five to combat rumors

Android users will receive the update first on the forward limit, followed by users of Apple’s iOS.

Facebook’s WhatsApp messenger service is reportedly setting a global limit on the frequency at which a user can forward content to five, in a bid to fight back the spate of misinformation & rumors.

Victoria Grand, Vice President for Policy and Communications, WhatsApp, was reportedly quoted at an event in the Indonesian capital stating that the firm is imposing a limit of five messages all over the world.

Apparently, WhatsApp users were previously allowed to forward a message to twenty individuals or groups. The new limit on forwarding the message was rolled out in the wake of lynching or killing attempts that were associated to the rumors spread on the messaging platform WhatsApp.

For the uninitiated, WhatsApp, providing end-to-end encryption for messages, has a user base of 1.5 billion and it has been trying to find a solution to stop misuse of the application, following global concern that the application was being used to spread manipulated photos, fake news, altered videos, with no way to trace their origin or find full reach.

As per reliable reports, the messaging platform became entangled in controversy during the presidential election of Brazil in the month of October, after far-right political candidate – Jair Bolsonaro was accused to utilizing the messaging platform to spread false information about his opponent. Seemingly, Bolsonaro, who won the election, denied those charges.

Carl Woog, Head of Communications, WhatsApp, was reportedly quoted stating that the firm will soon roll out an update to activate the new forward message limit

About WhatsApp:

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