Fireball Streaks Across London Sky

London (The Camping Canuck) – Many people across London Ontario saw a bright light in the sky early Friday morning.

The American Meteor Society confirmed a “fireball event” fell over the Ontario city.

Around 6:45 a.m. EDT (10:45 UT) reports came in from Arva north of London and from inside the city at Oxford and Third Street that a large object was seen streaking through the sky.

More than 750 reports came into the American Meteor Society from people across the U.S. and Canada.

The fireball was also spotted in Toronto and Guelph.

Youtube user DrClockSmasher caught this footage as he was riding his motorcycle through northeast Metro Detroit.

Below is a video of the event caught on a dashcam by Kris Brown.

Toby Killby told Am980 he saw the fireball while he was driving into work. Killby spotted it while traveling eastbound on Medway near Arva at Richmond when he saw the large fireball.

“To the north of me out my driver side window I saw what I assumed at the time was a plane crashing, it had a huge tail. It was such a big fireball that I thought it was a plane going into the ground.”

The fact that there were so many reports of people seeing it ranks the fireball as one of the “top 10 events of the year” in terms of the number of received reports, according to Mike Hankey, operations manager for the American Meteor Society.

Here is a 4 frames animation created from a timelapse recorded by the UTSC Observatory:


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