Los Lunas project to gain ground in bulk & specialty chemicals market

Housing a population of more than 14,000 as per the 2010 census, Los Lunas, a small village in New Mexico, has apparently been moving forward in its goal to build an industrial recycling facility, that may perpetually mark its significance in the regional industrial sludge treatment chemicals market. Through this composting project, the village plans to develop soil amendment products from brown and green waste, while the utilized composting possibly may be sold or used to fertilize village lands and parks.

As per sources, the village residents and maintenance staff will bring organic materials and green waste such as tree limbs, bush trimmings, weeds, and lawn to the transfer station. Brown waste – sludge produced from waste water treatment plants, would also be transferred to surface disposable site for the facility, that may have a commendable impact on industrial sludge treatment chemicals market trends over the years ahead.

Combining and processing brown and green waste materials will yield effective soil amendment products, which can then be used or sold to gardeners, small farmers, municipalities, and schools, states Michael Jaramillo, village public works director. He further said that the Los Lunas village council is collaborating with a waste water treatment plant to supply the composting product. This development, state experts, may have a marginal impact on the overall industrial sludge treatment chemicals market share as well.

Reports cite that this industrial waste treatment plant will be constructed in several phases, with phase I slated to be completed in June 2018. The total estimated cost of the project will be around USD 1.8 million, in which USD 1.1 million could be invested in phase I. For the record, phase I will consist of five compost containers, one of which will include a computer control and bio reactor filtration system, with the help of which plant operators can monitor all the process effectively.

As per industry analysts, the growing adoption of sludge management projects across rural areas is likely to have a powerful impact on the industrial sludge treatment chemicals market.