Giant Spider Crabs Invade Australian Shores

Giant Spider Crabs

Giant Spider Crabs

Hey i just got a great tip on where to find the crab.

From the BBC:

A horde of giant spider crabs has amassed in waters near the Australian city of Melbourne.

Hundreds of thousands of the crabs migrate to Australia’s southern shores each year as ocean waters cool.

Australian aquatic scientist Sheree Marris filmed an enormous gathering of the crustaceans in Port Phillip Bay.

Ms Marris said she hoped to raise awareness of the diversity of sea life in Australia’s southern waters.

“Who would have thought something like this, that is so spectacular, could be happening in Australia on the southern shore,” she said.
The exact reason for the behaviour is not known, but scientists speculate it is most likely to do with the process of moulting.

What’s not soo coool, though, is that giant spider crabs are freaking huge. Their leg span can reach 12 feet from claw to claw. The ones in this video have legs that are about 28-inches long. Now imagine eight of ‘em. And then imagine hundreds of thousands of ‘em.

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