Australia-US agreement to bolster innovations in healthcare industry

In a bid to strengthen its standing as the world leader in the global healthcare & medical devices industry, healthcare professionals of Victoria have recently collaborated with USA’s renowned medical institutions. According to reliable sources, Australia’s Minister for Health Jill Hennessy has inked momentous contracts with two of the most prominent medical institutions, the Boston Children’s Hospital, and Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

As per the terms and conditions specified in the Memorandum of Understanding, the global expertise and best practices in cancer prevention and paediatric health, exchange programs, collaboration on research, and innovations will now be shared with Victorian healthcare specialists.

If reports are to be believed, cancer survival rates in Victoria are among the best across the globe. Apparently, the latest partnership is likely to save even more lives in the near future, as the state’s leading healthcare professionals would work hand in hand with the researchers of Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

For the record, the latest agreement is said to be in line with Australian Government’s goal to popularize Victoria as the global destination of latest medical breakthroughs. Apparently, this ambitious objective has also been noted in the vision document, International Health Strategy 2016-2020: Partnering for a healthy and prosperous future, which guides the stakeholders of Australia’s healthcare & medical devices market. Furthermore, the strategy also aims to promote knowledge transfer to encourage research partnerships and enhance service delivery.

Speaking on the development, Jill Hennessy was quoted stating that Victoria has acquired an appreciable reputation as the world’s best cancer and paediatric care hub. She further stated that teaming up with Boston’s finest medical establishments would assist in sharing latest healthcare solutions and treatments in both the nations.

Reportedly, the healthcare & medical devices industry adds more than A$30 billion per annum to Australia’s most densely populated state and provides 130,000 jobs to residents of Victoria.