Honda teams up with SoundHound on voice-enabled AI development

Honda Motor Co., Ltd, the Japanese automobile manufacturer, has reportedly partnered with one of the most prominent innovators of conversational intelligence and voice-enabled AI technologies, SoundHound Inc. If sources are to be believed, the partnership has been inked to speed up the development of voice-enabled AI assistant.

Authentic reports claim that SoundHound’s voice & conversational AI platform, Houndify, is endowed with specific benefits – one of which includes its proprietary Deep Meaning Understanding as well as Speech-to-Meaning technologies. Apparently, these technologies are known to deliver excellent intelligence, accuracy, and speed in voice recognition and understanding. In order to support natural interactions, Houndify also understands complicated queries. Additionally, sources claim that SoundHound’s Collective AI architecture also enables partners to ensure complete control of user experience as well as their own innovation, while they are able to simultaneously benefit from Houndify’s developer ecosystem.

According to credible reports, Keyvan Mohajer, CEO & co-founder, SoundHound Inc., has been quoted stating that the Houndify Collective AI seems to be a natural fit for automotive brands which target the delivery of voice AI to drivers while they innovate and retain the ownership of their brands. Further, Mohajer claimed the company is thrilled to sign a partnership with Honda and help improve its driving experience with the help of the best voice & AI technology in the market.

For the record, SoundHound Inc. has also been partnering with Honda through the Honda Xcelerator – the open innovation program which enables collaboration with startups, led by Honda Innovations. The program apparently, has helped strengthen and nurture the partnership between both the companies, that led to Houndify being selected as the solution, solely based on its aligned AI strategies and technological differentiators.

Incidentally, SoundHound Inc. has also declared an alliance with a team of strategic investors, such as Hyundai, Orange, Tencent, Midea Group, and Daimler, that have joined the list of existing investors such as NVIDIA, HTC, Samsung, KT Corporation, LINE, NAVER, Nomura, and more.