3D printing giant Desktop Metal chooses Laser Lines as its UK reseller

One of the leading suppliers of lasers and 3D printer accessories, Laser Lines, has recently announced that it has signed a reseller deal with Desktop Metal. Touted as a quite an effective agreement in the 3D printing materials market, Laser Lines, with Desktop Metal as a supplier, plans to resell a range of metal 3D printing systems in the UK.

For the record, Laser Lines has more than two decades of experience as a supplier in 3D scanning and 3D printing materials industry and is often the popular point of call for customers looking forward to installing 3D printing systems.

Analysts claim that the ongoing trend in 3D printing materials market is that of metal printing witnessing a sluggish growth due to high costs associated with the process and technological limitations on speed. However, innovations and advancements brought forth by Desktop Metal, it is reported, has taken the regional 3D scanning and 3D printing materials market by storm.

Reports also state that Desktop Metal has set a benchmark in the overall polymers and advanced materials industry by introducing reliable metal printing which is 100 times faster, 10 times cheaper than initial costs, and 20 times cheaper material costs than the laser technologies. Undoubtedly, these machines have been the tipping point for the large-scale manufacturers in 3D printing materials industry.

Laser Lines’ move to become a UK reseller of Desktop Metal’s advanced metal 3D printing systems is likely to offer the company massive opportunities to expand in the metal printing space. Laser Lines will sell and extend its support on Desktop Metal’s Studio System after its commercial release in 2018 and Production System when it becomes available.

Sources claim that Laser Lines’ prior dealings with Stratasys, will give the company an upper hand in selling the Studio and Production systems.

For the record, Desktops Metals’ Studio System boast an extremely compact footprint with a build area of 300x200x200 mm, 16 cm cubed/hour printing capacity along with 50μm thickness.