Solvay-PVCFC deal marks entry in bulk & specialty chemicals industry

Solvay S.A., one of the most prominent players in Belgium bulk & specialty chemicals industry, has scarcely inked an agreement with PVCFC. As per reports, PetroVietnam Camau Fertiliser Company Ltd., based out of Vietnam, will benefit exclusively from this supply contract with Solvay, gaining unprecedented access to Solvay’s product portfolio. Incidentally, through this deal, PVCFC would be able to use Solvay’s breakthrough product, the AgRho N-Dual Protect – an eco-friendly nitrogen (N2) stabilizer, for the next four years.

Prior to selecting the AgRho N-Dual Protect, PVCFC undertook field trials of Solvay’s proprietary spectrum encompassing eco-friendly, innovative N2 stabilizers, all of which were successful. According to PVCFC’s CEO, Bùi Minh Tiến, Solvay’s environmental profile falls in line with PVCFC’s goal of discovering innovative nutrition solutions for crops. This in consequence, may help steer the agriculture sector toward adopting sustainably viable solutions, he says. The contract is also expected to enhance crop yield & quality, contributing toward improving the competitiveness of Vietnam’s agricultural products.

Sources state that the AgRho N-Dual Protect is among Solvay’s latest range of innovative, eco-friendly N2 stabilisers. The product is one of first liquid formulations that integrates DCD (dicyandiamide) nitrification inhibitor and NBPT urease inhibitor to bring about enhanced sustainability and performance. Touted as one of the superlative formulations in bulk & specialty chemicals industry, AgRho N-Dual Protect depicts improved air & water quality, reduces GHG emissions, and enhances crop yield up to 20%. Experts have reason to believe that the contract has been signed on the heels of increased demand for products containing N2 fertilizers. The demand, say experts, has grown dramatically on account of N2 increasing crop quality, which would perpetually satisfy the globally rising demand for food.

For the uninitiated, PVCFC is one of the leaders in Vietnam bulk & specialty chemicals industry and is renown to produce chemicals for the O&G and agriculture sectors.