IMImobile launches new RCS Messaging API for enterprise communications

IMImobile PLC, a leading cloud communications software provider, has recently introduced a unified Rich Communication Service (RCS) Messaging API, alongside the low-code toolset available in the company’s enterprise cloud communications platform, for driving the utilization of RCS business messaging among leading enterprises across the world.

A press release from IMImobile states that enterprises would now be able to quickly design, build and launch messaging journeys of RCS with the drag and drop, low-code workflow builder, using the new unified RCS API in the IMIconnect platform. The unified RCS API lowers the complexity of integrating with a number of carriers whose implementations often vary in areas like response processing, media management and authentication.

SVP Product Management, Sudarshan Dharmapuri, said in a statement that interactions between consumers and businesses are increasingly shifting towards messaging channels.

The drag-and-drop tools and unified API of the company enable businesses to easily incorporate RCS in their communications strategy and quickly deliver interactive, richer customer communications that are enabled by human agents and AI-powered bots seamlessly working together for creating a hassle free customer experience, Dharmapuri mentioned.

Further from the reports, the RCS API offers the ability to process customer actions and typing indicators, receive messages, send messages (which include carousels and rich cards), perform capability lookups, along with supporting the GSMA specification Universal Profile (UP) 2.0 version.

IMImobile stated that for carriers and devices which do not support RCS, IMIconnect provides an automatic fall-back on other channels like MMS or SMS, for ensuring the deliverability of crucial communications.

Supposedly, RCS has widely been expected as the evolution for SMS messaging for delivering rich customer experiences to digitally savvy consumers of today. Reports indicate that there would be 1.01 billion people across 168 mobile operators worldwide that would be using RCS messaging by the end of 2019, with the number anticipated to rise to 3.23 billion by the end of 2023 across 486 mobile operators.