Insulet offers pod-based tubeless insulin pump to J&J’s consumers

The Massachusetts-headquartered Insulet Corporation has barely announced that it would be offering a completely free trial of its unique ‘pod-based’ insulin pump to current Animas users. Insulet’s declaration comes merely a week after the renowned pharma giant, Johnson & Johnson publicly revealed that it intended to exit the North America insulin pump market. Furthermore, the intent behind the announcement may also be attributed to the publicly voiced concerns by JDRF, a New York-based charitable organization for diabetes, with regards to consumer choice and the fiercely prevalent competition in tubeless insulin pump market.

For the record, Animas is the diabetes-care business segment under the umbrella of Johnson & Johnson, the unceremonious departure of which may have a profound impact on tubeless insulin pump market share, as per experts. Insulet’s liaisons with Animas commenced post the latter’s decision of putting the brakes on the production of its One Touch Ping and Vibe insulin pumps. Until Animas arrives at a decision with respect to whether it would divest its business, partner with a stronger ally, or sign up for a strategic joint venture, Insulet is supposedly planning to support Animas’ extensive consumer pool, on the grounds of which it had already offered Animas’ users a choice to commence using a Medtronic pump.

Now, the tubeless insulin pump market player seems to be intent on tapping into Animas’ consumer base, on the grounds of which it has been inviting the users of Animas to try out its newly launched Omnipod device, that apparently delivers insulin by means of a ‘pod’ worn on the skin instead of a catheter. Through this move, Insulet aims to provide universal access to the Omnipod and expand its consumer base, inherently strengthening its stance in tubeless insulin pump industry.

Insulet’s pod-based pump may create quite a stir in tubeless insulin pump market, enabling rivals to brainstorm newer diabetes devices incorporated with better features. Insulet’s decision may also, in all probability, appease JDRF’s concerns with respect to the turbulent changes prevalent in the competitive spectrum of diabetes device industry.