Monitor Health with Japan’s Smart Clothing Technology

The sovereign country of Japan has recently made it to the headlines for developing a unique technology to be incorporated in textiles for health purposes. Researchers in Japan have apparently come up with a new type of textile that can combine fabrics with technology. The smart clothing market product range is likely to span from electronic skin to a tech T-shirt. Experts predict that the introduction of this technology in the mainstream market is likely to revolutionize the dynamics of smart clothing industry.

Smart textiles are renowned for effectively monitoring the wearer’s vital signs and mental health, which may perhaps even save lives in dire circumstances. Cashing in on this high-tech phenomenon, the Japanese manufacturers aim to commence the commercialization of this medical oriented fabric for electrocardiography, starting this year. The fabric may create quite a stir in Japan smart clothing industry, given its exceptionally beneficial features. In fact, the groundwork seems to have already begun for this fabric – the textile developer has initiated the manufacturing process, having commenced work with a transport operator for testing a product specifically designed to prevent a heatstroke.

Japan’s contribution toward smart clothing market is not a new phenomenon. Merely a few weeks ago, Japan had made it to the news for having conducted numerous experiments to test the viability of smart clothing – a move that experts predicted, would considerably impact the regional market trends. Smart clothes are expected to be deployed for babies to kids and adults to the elderly for collecting real-time health and fitness data.

Smart clothing market is certain to accomplish commendable gains in the ensuing years, on the grounds that smart clothing is being deployed for crucial operations such as heart rate and emotion monitoring, to something trivial as paying the coffee bills– without even having to use a smartphone or smartwatch.