Research alliance at Jefferson Health targets pancreatic tumors

The Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center and the DNA based nanotechnology platform, Genisphere LLC have recently made to the headlines with their collaborative research initiative in the healthcare industry. Reportedly, both the parties at Jefferson Health would be brainstorming novel approaches that could possibly treat pancreatic cancer.

Under the Sponsored Research Agreement, the expertise of both Genisphere and Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center would be combined to focus on optimizing 3DNA®-based therapeutics, that are specifically designed to target pancreatic tumors. Reportedly, the project would include small molecule therapeutics delivery along with siRNA based pancreatic tumor-targeting molecules based on Genisphere’s advanced 3DNA® nanocarrier.

For the record, till date, the most successful therapies for pancreatic cancer treatment have been non-targeted chemotherapy, in addition to surgical procedure. The idea behind implementing a three-dimensional nanotechnology based targeted approach might have been triggered from the increasing interest in minimally invasive customized treatments across the healthcare industry, cite experts.

Estimates claim that pancreatic cancer has become so prevalent in America that it is the third leading cause of cancer-related casualties in the country. Amidst this distressing scenario, this collaborative research initiative to come up novel therapies is undoubtedly sending waves of anticipation in the healthcare industry.

Key investigators of the project are highly apprehensive and have been quoted saying that the new 3D targeted approach can be compared to smart sophisticated bombs that destroy specific targets with minimum collateral damage. Genisphere LLC, on the other hand, over the past three years, has managed to garner quite a popularity via its unique 3DNA platform.

Speaking of this collaboration, one of the big shots of the company has apparently been quoted stating that it is a big achievement for the organization, expanding its siRNA and minute level drug study from pre-clinical models to pancreatic tumor targeting examination and research.