Nissan to unveil advance energy storage systems for UK residents

In the recent turn of events observed across the energy industry, the Japanese car company Nissan, has announced its Nissan Energy Solar initiative to combine world-class residential solar panels with advanced storage systems. According to reports, Nissan’s latest offerings of energy storage systems has given the UK homeowners the possibilities of significantly reducing their energy bills by generating power through sustainable means.

Sources reveal that, Nissan, following on the heels of Tesla, Renault, and Mercedes-Benz, announced its Solar energy initiative in the Canary Islands at the Electric Ecosystem Experience conference. For the record, the aforementioned big-name automakers have already developed electric car battery packs for residential energy storage, marking their entry into the advanced energy storage systems market. However, Nissan is not new to solar industry either, as it has already unveiled its xStorage battery (made out of recycled Leaf batteries) back in 2016.

In a news statement, the company claimed that by installing its Nissan Energy Solar system, UK homemakers could save up to 66% in their energy bills and would also significantly contribute toward lowering carbon footprints. Analysts speculate this paradigm shift from conventional fuel to renewable energy sources to have a commendable impact on the advancement of battery technologies in advanced energy storage systems industry.

According to industry experts, a home storage system that can function as a micro-grid during power failures is a big step in the advanced energy storage systems industry. For the record, this unique home battery systems allow to store electricity for use during night as well as to charge electric vehicles.

It has been reported that Nissan will provide three different styles of solar panel into the market, which includes one economic option, one sophisticated design, and one storage system optimized for efficiency. The pricing for the residential installation of a basic 6-panel solar system, according to reports, will start from USD 5,427 (£3,881).