NASA names new species as a tribute to A P J Abdul Kalam

A P J Abdul Kalam

courtesy-the independent bd

Scientists at NASA have named a new organism discovered by them after the much-loved A P J Abdul Kalam.

Till time frame, the new living thing — a form of a virus — has been discovered only on the ISS and has not found on earth.

In NASA’s major lab JPL researchers found the new viruses on filtration of the ISS and referred to it as Solibacillus kalamii to honor APJ Abdul Kalam.

Kalam had his beginning coaching at NASA in 1963 before he set up India’s first rocket-launching service.

Dr. Kasthuri Venkateswaran told that the name of the micro-organism was Solibacillus kalamii. The varieties name was after Dr. Abdul Kalam and genus name was Solibacillus.

Venkateswara said that Kalamii was not an extra-terrestrial lifestyle as it was never available on planet until time frame.

Venkateswaran described that he was reasonably sure it had problem hiked to the area place aboard some freight and then lived through the aggressive circumstances of an area.

Naming the new microorganism after Kalam was organic to Venkateswaran and his group.

He also said that being the other Tamilian, he was conscious of the large efforts by Dr. Kalam.

One of his big tasks was to make sure that NASA’s Mars Fascination rover — the large car-sized almost 1000 kg cart — was completely clean when it left the world.

Venkateswaran’s main job is to observe the surroundings of the area place so that dangerous insects do not multiply.

He leads the ‘Microbial Observatory’ on the ISS tasks to evaluate dangerous bacteria associated with spaces belonging to the US.

Venkateswaran said that these spore formers usually hold up against high rays and also generate some useful substances proteins.

His group has not classified the viruses completely but the clues that the new bug could be a key resource for substances that can secure against rays harm.

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