Kypha makes an acquisition offer for biotech company Biosensia

The U.S. medical diagnostics firm Kypha has reportedly acquired the renowned Irish biotech company Biosensia. As per sources, the amount for which Kypha acquired Biosensia has not yet been disclosed. The Irish company, Biosensia, has developed RapiPlex, a bedside testing in-vitro diagnosis system that can produce quality laboratory test results much faster than laboratories which often require days or weeks to come up with results.

Apparently, RapiPlex has made it possible to transition complex immunoassays from the laboratory to a doctor’s office or patient’s bedside without compromising analytical performance. This system can also perform multiple diagnoses simultaneously.

Biosensia was founded by Prof Gareth Redmond and Prof Gabriel Crean in Dublin in 2009. According to reports, Prof Gabriel Crean was formerly the CEO at Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology and Prof Gareth Redmond is now the head of chemistry at University College Dublin.

Biosensia also offers contract assay development and manufacturing and has secured about €8.55 million ($10 million) through investors like Seroba Life Sciences, Atlantic Bridge, Act Venture Capital and Street Capital.

Alan O’Connell, a partner at Seroba Life Sciences has been quoted by reliable sources to say that the collaboration of Biosensia and Kypha would eventually lead to the formation of a stronger company that could reach its market faster and have the ability to make a greater exit.

Chad Stiening, CEO, Kypha reportedly said that both the companies are perfectly aligned in their core competencies and proprietary technologies. Their merger will accelerate and enhance the product delivery to pharmaceutical companies, health care practitioners and researchers who are in need for better monitoring and accurate assess of immune status dynamics.

Stiening further added that the capabilities of Biosensia’s highly experienced team and ISO-certified facilities will allow in house quality control, product development and testing and will continue to provide manufacturing services and contract assay development to Biosensia clients around the world.