Lyft launches carbon neutral programs for its on-demand taxi services

In the growing fight against climate change mitigation, Lyft, a ride-hailing giant, has proclaimed its ride service to be completely carbon neutral now. A company spokesperson has revealed that Lyft will be launching a new program in which its rides will be offset through investments into reforestation work, renewable energy development projects, and other various “green” energy initiatives.

The move makes Lyft, the major U.S. rival to Uber, one of the largest voluntary procurers of carbon offsets across the globe and is calculated to appeal to its millennial customer base worldwide, cite sources.

For the record, authentic reports claim that the concern over climate change is at its peak among the millennial generation (in the age-group of 22-37) than older adults. The study further portrays that the younger consumers are more probable of engaging with automotive industry firms that embed ethical environmental, & social principals into their core business approach.

In a company statement, John Zimmer, co-founder, Lyft, was quoted saying that in a time-span of one year, the company anticipates to offset more than one million metric tons of carbon which corresponds to planting around ten million of trees or taking thousands of cars off the road. He further reported that Lyft’s investment in & impact on the automotive industry will continue to intensify as the company progresses.

Zimmer explained that the increase in shared rides & clean vehicles on the road will be inversely proportional to the carbon offsets Lyft will need to purchase.

The adoption of a carbon offset program would incentivize Lyft, which recently hit the 50 million ride mark, to further pursue powertrain technologies and shared rides. This move by Lyft is touted to be an interesting approach of proliferating carbon neutrality in the automotive industry and perhaps will do good in balancing the carbon impact, speculate reliable analysts.