Nanodiamond based 3D printing filament to debut in polymers industry

Carbodeon, a reputed Finland-based nanodiamond manufacturer and Tiamet 3D, the 3D printing specialist from Netherlands have struck a strategic partnership to develop 3D printing filaments enhanced with nanodiamonds. If reports are to be believed, renowned biggies across the polymers and advanced materials industry are eagerly awaiting the launch of this filament that may expand the horizons of 3D printing technology.

According to reliable sources, the initial filament to be developed by the Carbodeon-Tiamet partnership will be polylactic acid based while further development will be based on higher performance thermoplastics. The companies have signed a partnership agreement that bounds Carbodeon to supply Tiamet 3D with nanodiamond materials besides working on joint filament development. The success of this partnership will encourage other such profitable joint ventures in the polymers and advanced materials industry, claim experts.

The jointly patented filaments are said to be based on a technology that will cause commendable improvement in 3D printed items in terms of thermal and mechanical properties.

Dr. Vesa Myllymäki, CEO of Carbodeon has been quoted stating that nanodiamond-enhanced 3D printed components have the same or even better performance ability as injection molded components. But compared to injection molding, this new technology in 3D printing offers considerable cost reductions and improvement in production speed, especially when prototyping, short-run and on-demand productions are considered, he further adds.

CEO of Tiamet 3D, Reid Larson, has reportedly hailed the partnership and said that the joined forces will enable the development of filaments that will register 100% increase in tensile strength, improved thermal properties and better printability. He added that the custom-made polymer nanodiamonds provided by Carbodeon will also add to the rapidity and reliability of 3D printing.

Both Carbodeon and Tiamet 3D would be authorized to sell the new PLA filament. Carbodeon in fact will be selling it under the company’s uDiamond brand.