It’s National Fishing Week From July 2-10

Don’t Delay-Start Celebrating National Fishing Week Today!

Individuals who love the outdoors as well as the water will be happy to note that National Fishing Week is in full effect. As noted in Bay Today, National Fishing Week is a celebration designed to promote recreational fishing. During this week, people can attend a wide range of fishing events. For example, Canada residents can take part in Ontario’s Family Fishing Week from July 2nd to 10th. During this time, Canadians can fish without a license.

As many fish advocates know, the world of fishing is about much more than simply catching fish. It’s also a time when families can come together and have fun. Fishing can also be a networking opportunity for business owners seeking to connect with prospective customers or business partners in a leisurely, relaxed manner that fuels the relationship-building process.

In addition to being a great recreational or business activity, fishing can have a profoundly positive impact on a region’s economy. For example, the industry creates more than $8 billion to Canada’s economy.

Although many people enjoy National Fishing Week, this time is not without controversy. For example, vegan organizations like PETA have pointed out that catching fish involves violence and consuming the animal can promote various diseases in the body.

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